Monday, July 8, 2013

Ranger's Sisters

We have 3 dogs right now. Ranger, my border collie mix. Cricket, my husband-thing's female lab mix. And most recently Paisley, a female terrier (read: terror) mix.

 This is Cricket. She will be 4 in October. We got her when we first moved in together in 2010. We adopted her from the veterinary clinic on Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri when she was 3 or 4 months old. She was "his" dog from day one. Now, 3 years and 40lbs later she is still his dog. Cricket acts like a grumpy old woman and won't snuggle anyone. She has the same personality as the husband-thing. 

This is Paisley, our almost 8 month old mutt. This is Paisley carrying an ovum and spermatozoon around the backyard. (Yes, my dogs have strange toys. Originally these stuffed organisms were going to be sent to my mother if we ever got pregnant, but since we're ending our marriage these stuffed things are of no further use. So I gave them to the puppy.) The ovum was destroyed within a half hour but before she tore it apart she walked around carrying both. It was amusing. 

So there ya go- now you know Ranger's temporary family! Neither of them like him very much, which is both good and bad. Bad because for now he's odd man out, and good because once it's just me and him he'll be slightly more prepared for living his life just him and me. Someday I'll get him a little brother or sister once I get established living on my own, though. He's a sweet boy and he craves attention and snuggles. Maybe we'll adopt another border collie, or maybe an Australian shepherd. Either way, Ranger and I have a good life ahead of us! 

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