Friday, August 30, 2013

New Blog Update & Pictures of Ranger

I know I said the new blog will be up and running by September 12th, but it might be sooner. I'm having an easier time figuring out how to set it up than I thought I would. I think that by next Friday the new blog can go live!

Ranger and I have been having fun lately, just hanging out in the sun and shade and enjoying the beautiful New England weather. Here are a few pictures from the past week:

(Above: Ranger has his own space in the garage for when we're all out there hanging out or working on the trucks. All but one of his toys ended up in the garage. And that one other toy is in the backyard. He has been so happy since we moved to New Hampshire!)

 (Above: I was trying to take a few photos of my old Kodak Vigilant Junior and Ranger decided he wanted in on the action. Yes - he got jealous of a camera.)
 (Above: "Do I see a cat in that window?! Ranger loooooves kitties! All he wants to do is play with them and cuddle them and chase them. But these kitties want nothing to do with him!)
(Above: Ranger just chillin in the garage with me while his Future-Daddy was at work. He loves hanging out in the garage, unless it's too hot. Then he wants to lay in the shade out back.)

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