Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Things Have Been Crazy! {Part 3}

I know, I skipped a couple days. Sunday was insanely busy, and Monday was a nightmare, and Tuesday I hit the Save button instead of the Publish button. But today I'm going to publish this post while I sit here in the garage hanging out with Ranger, before I get too far into my day!

This should be the final post to catch you up on what has happened since Ranger and I moved 1400 miles from Missouri to New Hampshire. I have left out a lot of things, but I really don't expect anyone to want an extremely detailed play by play of the past month.

Let's review!

First - an interesting road trip with plenty of mishaps.

Second -a party, the groomer, working on trucks, momma breaking her foot, sour skittles, hot dogs, energy drinks, and a ride in a big truck

And now: Third - spending a weekend at a local Animal Inn, moving in with a friend, and a second new truck!

Ranger spent a Friday and Saturday night at an animal inn. Originally, this was so that I could go up to a friend's lake house for their end of summer BBQ, but that didn't happen. Between my broken foot and my little brother needing rides all around town for parades (he made drum line as a Freshman!) I just never made it to the lake house. I thought Ranger would at least get a chance to socialize more, and to do it without me there. I want him to learn that it's perfectly fine for him to play and have fun with people even when I'm not there. When I dropped him off they asked if I wanted Play Time. I guess that every day for a certain amount of time a person takes the dog out in a yard and plays with them. At least he wouldn't be stuck in a cage.
I also chose this one place because he isn't stuck in a cage. The way this place is set up, he can be inside or outside whenever he wants, because he has his own private yard. It's not very big - it's more like a long hallway outside, but there were dogs on either side that he could run up and down the fence with. It seemed perfect!

Sadly, I probably won't be bringing him back there. When I picked him up he was shaking his head like something was in his ears, so when we got home I looked. His ears are covered in nasty bug bites! I checked his stomach, too. Same thing. Some of the nastier bites were bleeding. I don't know if they are ant bites or flies or what, but he is not going back there. I'll try their other location next time. I'm sure it wasn't something they did on purpose, but because he has an outdoor run as well I'm sure that insects get inside, or he fell asleep in the sun like he usually does and the ants made a meal out of him. Hopefully another location wouldn't have the same insect problems. After a week, the bites are still scabbed over and they seem bigger. There may be a vet visit in Ranger's near future.

 (Above: Exploring the bed of the truck)
 (Above: Being a snuggle bum)
(Above: When we're outside he sits next to me and just watches the world go by.)

A week ago Ranger and I moved out of my aunt's house. We moved in with The Man. So far things are great! We figured it would be easier for my aunt since she already has a full house, and it'll be easier for him and me too since we were 25 minutes away from each other. We saw each other most every day when Ranger and I lived with my aunt, and that is a lot of wasted fuel.

Our new Sleep Number bed is supposed to arrive tonight, and we got our new truck last Thursday night. Things are coming together. Now we just need a place of our own. We're fine living where we are while we house hunt and save up, but we definitely need our own place where we're not surrounded by people constantly.

Did you notice I mentioned a new truck? I guess I really caught the truck fever, because last month I bought the 1993 F250, and this month we purchased a 2007 F350 6.0 Powerstroke, King Ranch edition. It's absolutely gorgeous! Here, let me give you a preview of my beautiful new toy... I mean our new truck...

Now, Ranger won't be allowed in this truck until his dog bed is completed. The Man's mother and I went on a shopping trip to Jo-Ann's Fabric and got everything she would need to make us a dog bed. Neither The Man or myself want to risk Ranger's nails damaging the leather in the new truck, so if he ever rides in it the back seat will be put up and the fake floor will be put down with his bed.Otherwise he will ride in the '93 or '89 most of the time.

Whew! It only took 3 posts but I think I'm just about caught up on what has been happening in the life of Ranger and his human.

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