Friday, June 28, 2013

Back Into Training

Ranger and I currently face quite the dilemma. We have the chance to enroll in obedience school again while we are still here in Missouri, but we don't know how long we will be here. We could be here another two weeks or two months. (The madness behind this strange situation is to complicated to go into detail about here, so let's just say I have a strong dislike for the US Army's finance department.)

If we start obedience training formally again, we may be wasting money. At the same time, if we don't enroll we may be missing a great opportunity to get Ranger better prepared for the real world. Once we move to New Hampshire he will one in a while be boarded or go to doggy day care. I can't have him going to either acting like an uncivilized cave dog.

This really is a difficult decision. Once everything that needs to happen to make our move possible actually happens, we won't be here for more than another week. Long enough to do any needed vehicle maintenance, pack this into boxes and move the boxes into the go-mobile. So we can spend the money on a month of classes and only attend 2 of the 4, or we just practice what we were shown in class before and attend classes or have private training sessions as soon as we get to New Hampshire.

(I also have a strong dislike for the unknown, and this is full of that kind of headache.)

I wish there was an easy answer to this dilemma other than "stay in Missouri for a month even if you don't have to do you can complete another month of classes." We have family to get home to, and a summer to enjoy before we have to act like real adults. Leaving Missouri as soon as we are able is the only option, due to a crumbling marriage and the fact that my little brother is growing up way to fast and I want to be there before he becomes too cool to hang out with me. Being in Missouri has been like one long deployment without the option to take leave to see my family. I just want to go home.

As a side note, if the world of Harry Potter was real, I would be like Hagrid. Now some one go get me a dragon egg. Ranger needs a friend.

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