Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Warning

Today's post will NOT be about Emergency Recall. Sorry! I have a bad back from my deployment to Iraq in 2008-2009 and some times it flares up and moving at all is extremely painful. I had surgery in 2009 and it was fine for a while but it seems to be getting worse and worse. We didn't do much with Emergency Recall in dog training before we stopped attending classes so I still have to run back and forth with Ranger to show him what I want him to do, and with the way my back feels today that is not possible.

Instead, we'll just talk about a few things. 

There's something I should put out there right now. I am NOT a professional dog trainer. I barely know what I'm doing! For now, all the training Ranger and I do comes from what we learned from Side Kick Dog Training (Springfield, Missouri) and what I have picked up from watching the YouTube videos by a man who trains dogs. (Find him by searching tab289 on YouTube.)

Now that I've said that, you can no longer hold me accountable for anything bad that happens if you try the techniques I talk about here! Just the good things! *insert evil laugh* 

Random picture!

This is important. It's summer, and the weather is getting progressively warmer and here in Missouri it's very humid. Right about this time of year is when people start to forget that their dogs are not immortal, and that they suffer just like people do in the heat. 

Dogs need to hydrate and cool off just like people do. The heat can do some nasty things to dogs, and it can happen a lot faster than it would to a human. Think of your dog(s) as babies. They need YOU to take care of THEM. 

Here are some Do's and Don't of summer with dogs.

Now, what are the warning signs of a heat injury in dogs? This should help give you an idea:


Your vet can give you instructions on how to help your dog. YOUR VET KNOWS BEST!

Remember: just because it's summer and it IS hot out doesn't mean you can't have fun with your dog! Ranger loves when we pack a lunch and a few towels, jump in the truck, and drive to a secluded creek. He plays and explores and swims and has a smile on his face the whole time we're there, and when it's time to leave he pouts. Yes, Ranger has a pouty face!

Below: Ranger having fun spending a few hours playing in his favorite creek!

Remember to use common sense this summer to ensure a great summer season for both you and your four legged buddy! As you can see in the above photo, Ranger is wearing his collar even though we were swimming in a creek no where near traffic. He isn't microchipped yet so if something were to happen at least my phone number, his name, and his rabies tags are on him. (The rabies tag is mostly to ensure I don't get in trouble for having an untagged dog,) It also helps if you have to grab hold of a wet dog. They get slippery! Once in a while a truck or 4-wheeler would drive down the dirt road and I would grab Ranger to make sure he didn't run to say hello and accidentally scare anyone. He's just friendly and wants to explore every one and everything. I also need to use his collar when it's time to leave because he does not want to leave!

Here's to a FUN FILLED and HEALTHY summer!

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