Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stuffed Animals Are Scary

My dogs don't get toys with stuffing inside. My mother in law sent us home with stuffed birds a while back. Those lasted all of maybe 3 minutes before the older dog (Cricket) shook the head off both birds and then pulled all the stuffing out. Then for Christmas she sent us home with a few more. Again, the toys didn't last long.

I hoped this wasn't the way things would always be, so I bought my pups a small stuffed dog from Wal-Mart. It cost about $2, so if they tore it to shreds I knew I want going to cry.

I gave it to the dogs when I got home.

Ranger wants nothing to go with it! Cricket nudges it like she does any small animal that isn't moving. I didn't let them have it overnight, though, in case they tore it to shreds and left a mess for me to clean up the next morning or in case they ate any parts of it.

When I gave it back to them the next day it lasted a few hours before Cricket managed to remove the squeaker and some stuffing. Instead of throwing out the entire thing I removed the rest of the stuffing and let the dogs have it. I bought this toy a few days ago, and it took Ranger until late this evening to touch it. When I put them in the back room/office tonight Ranger actually picked it up. I was actually kind of shocked. But I told him he was a good boy because he needs to learn to be a dog and how to play.

Sometimes my dogs surprise me, and usually they just make me shake my head and wonder how I ended up with not one, but two goofballs. I love em though!

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